An instructional guide for how to prepare your WaveMaker Grants Budget for 2018 is available here:

WaveMaker Grants Budget Instructions

The 2018 WaveMaker Grants Budget Sheet is available here:

2018 WaveMaker Grants Budget Sheet.xlsx
2018 WaveMaker Grants Budget Sheet.doc
2018 WaveMaker Grants Budget Sheet.pdf

The preferred format is the Excel file (.xlsx). This spreadsheet is formatted to calculate your line items automatically and can easily adjust to modifications. 

The Word file (.docx) can be used if you do not have access to Excel; please keep your line item descriptions and notes to one line so as to avoid problems with table formatting. 

If you cannot access either Excel or Word, you may print and fill out your budget by hand using the PDF. You would then need to scan the document and save it as a .pdf. (Please see specifications for naming your file in the Budget Instructions document)

Please be sure to include your Budget in your application on Submittable.